Nanjing-Huai’an Intercity Railway to be constructed: less than 1 hour’s nobreak ride

There isn’t any nobreak railway between Nanjing and Huai’an right now, but an intercity railway is being planned and designed, and hopefully its construction will start in 2018.

This railway will be about 200 kilometers long and the designed speed is 350 kilometers per hour, which means only less than an hour will be needed from Nanjing to Huai’an.

Nanjing-Huai’an (Ninghuai) Intercity Railway will be between Nanjing North Station and Huai’an East Station and go by 11 stations including those in Nanjing City, Luhe District of Nanjing, Tianchang City of Anhui province, Jinhu county, Hongze District of Huai’an and Huai’an City.

Nanjing-Huai’an Intercity Railway will also be seamlessly connected with Lianhuaiyangzhen Railway, a high-speed rail which is under construction and is expected to be completed in 2019, connecting Lianyungang, Huai’an, Yangzhou and Zhenjiang.

After completion of Ninghuai Highspeed Railway, Huai’an will be a part of Nanjing’s “one hour metropolitan area”, and more railways will also be constructed to make sure that major cities in Jiangsu province are all about 2 hours away from each other.