Huai’an Municipal Library not open 1.5 years after completion

Huai’an Municipal Library, a large building as a part of the new government architectural complex in the “Ecological New City” (生态新城), was completed and finished internal decoration in April 2015, more than a year and half before now, according to online report of the local official news website.

Huai'an Library

However, eager readers in Huai’an haven’t even set their feet in it – it hasn’t been opened so far and there is no sign of it.

The earliest news about its opening was also in April 2015, saying that the library would hopefully be open by the end of 2015. But it wasn’t.

And then the authority said it would be open in July 2016 during an online session with netizens this April, but later the word was broken again.

It was rumored in October that the library will finally be open in December, but there is no official news about it.

When I went to the library in October, the building was brightly-lit with staff working in it, but a doorkeeper stopped me, saying that the library wasn’t open to the outside.

Huai’an has an old library located in the old town, a two-storey building donated by a Huai’anese Taiwan person named Li Chongnian. Books in this small library are old and few, the collection size is almost as small as that of Hongze county.

It’s weird that the new library of Huai’an is not open 1.5 years after its completion, the biggest possible reason is that it’s not given enough attention by relative leader/department. It seems that the building was built just as an image project, more or less.