Tips about Huai’an Airport

Huai’an Airport, or Huai’an Lianshui Airport, is nearly 40 kilometers away from the urban area of Huai’an city – 40 minute to 1 hour’s drive, and is located at Lianshui county of Huai’an (淮安市涟水县空港路1号).

Map of Huai'an Airport

Opened in 2010, Huai’an Airport now operates flights to about 20 cities – mostly in China (including Taipei) – except route to Osaka Japan recently opened. See flight details on the official website of the airport: (in Chinese), and its service hotline is 0517-81666666.

Some people has been complaining that the airport is a bit too far from Huai’an city, and it’s true that the airport has few supporting facilities. For example, there is no hotel or restaurant around the aloof airport – except a small hotel nearby and an expensive restaurant in it.

Besides, you need to pay attention to your mobile phone to know any updates on your flights, because you would probably only get a short message when your flight is canceled, and since no airline has set up a service desk in the airport, you would have to call your airline to cancel or change your tickets.

Airport bus timetable

(after October 30 2016)

Buy tickets from Huai’an Wanda Realm Hotel (嘉华酒店) Buy tickets from Wanda Plaza (万达) Date Flights
6:10 6:30 1、3、5、7 Xi’an 1、3、5、7
7:40 8:00 Daily Harbin、Changchun 2、4、6;Tianjin 1、3、5、7
8:20 8:30 Daily Beijing、Haikou 1、3、5;Osaka 1
10:50 11:00 Daily Pudong Shanghai、Xiamen、Haikou 7;Taipei、Guangzhou
12:20 12:30 Daily Shenzhen、Chongqing 2、4、6;Kunming 1、3、5、7
14:20 14:30 Daily Wenzhou 1、3、4、6;Shenyang, Dalian 1、3、5、7
19:40 20:00 1、3、4、6 Shijiazhuang 1、3、4、6
21:40 22:00 1、3、5、7 Hangzhou 1、3、5、7

Source: official website of Huai’an Lianshui Airport