Huai’an: Warped behavior in the modern era

When it comes to e-commerce, China is the undisputed leader. In small cities like Huai’an, WeChat and Alipay have become so ingrained in everyday life that if one of those platforms crashed, widespread chaos would erupt.

Anyway, a few odd customs and traditions remain in today’s modern era, and they can be a little surprising. Last week my wife purchased some milk powder at a local store. After close inspection I discovered that it was from a factory in Heilongjiang Province. For those of you unaware, it’s an area of the country not exactly known for its green pastures and lush vegetation.

When taking into account the potential risks involved with giving a baby milk powder made in China, I felt it best to see if I could go back to the store where it was purchased and exchange it for something a little safer.

milk powder store

I voiced my concerns to the store owner, and he said I could exchange it, but that I would have to come back in the afternoon. He said exchanges were only conducted in the afternoons, and that’s where his explanation ended. Read more