Omtitolt: a disease suffered by many Chinese people

After a careful inspection for about half an hour, the only staff of this mobile phone repair store, who is also its boss and in his early 30s, told me to come back the next afternoon. He said he would need a part which is at his home, to make my phone detect SIM cards.

This is the only mobile phone repair store on the bustling street of Huai’an I live by, and on its wall hanging a notice, saying “even if you choose to not repair your phone, you should pay 10 yuan for disassembling it.” The handwriting is crooked, just like the face of the boss, and on the opposite wall there is a calligraphy, which writes “天道酬勤” – “God rewards the diligent” and is just as awkward.

Anyhow, we’ve made a deal that the repair fee is 90 yuan. Read more