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Balanced Subtleties of a Chinese Banquet

Writing by: Chris Editing by: Lance Crayon I recently went to a party, well, it was more like a house warming event of sorts, that turned into a marathon drinking session. My third uncle on my father’s had driven back from Nanjing with his wife and mother (my grandmother). Zhigong (Strive for Achievements) invited our […]

Omtitolt: a disease suffered by many Chinese people

After a careful inspection for about half an hour, the only staff of this mobile phone repair store, who is also its boss and in his early 30s, told me to come back the next afternoon. He said he would need a part which is at his home, to make my phone detect SIM cards. […]

Experience the Harmony of Liyun River Park

The delicate jingle-jangle sounds of small bells ringing in the air harkens back to the days of a Shanghai Bund depicted in television historical dramas. But as your eyes open, you discover it’s not the past you’ve been standing in, but rather a present-day Huai’an in the middle of what is arguably the city’s finest […]

Living in the throes of development

“These are the throes of a developing city,” read a message on a local online forum. Many citizens of Huai’an are having a hard time sleeping at night with the sounds of jackhammers and cranes running in the background. If modernization has a sound, then this is it. In July, massive construction projects began inside […]